Our Vision

As a parent of three children, Helen Doron understands the dreams, the goals, and the concerns that every parent has when choosing a kindergarten — a child’s first exposure to a learning environment. The experience a child has during these crucial early years sets the stage for future learning.

What creates a true learning environment? A safe and nurturing preschool environment that ensures children are happy, are constantly stimulated, and fosters their capacity to learn.

Built upon the experience of three decades of teaching children, Helen Doron Kindergartens focus on developing their physical, mental and social skills. We aim to:

  • Instil a lifelong love of learning through positive reinforcement.
  • Create a supportive and joyful English-immersion educational environment.
  • Promote learning by presenting an active environment in which direct, hands-on, playful experiences are encouraged.
  • Help raise healthy, joyful, confident children who are compassionate towards humanity, the planet, and all living creatures.
  • Constantly prepare, motivate and bring the latest knowledge to our teachers, in order to bring out the best in themselves and their students.
  • Keep developing our unique methods and materials to give our children the very best start and foundation for life.

Helen Doron, Founder and CEO

Helen Doron began her career teaching English to University students helen head shotin France. When her own children were young, she observed the struggles of non-English speaking children learning to read and write. She understood the key was to start as early as possible, focusing first on speaking and not on reading and writing.

Where was the love for learning that all children should have?

As a linguist, Helen decided then and there the time had come to create a comprehensive learning methodology. Helen pioneered learning through emotional, physical, creative and intellectual growth — creating a lasting love of learning in all children, spanning all cultures.

The Helen Doron method caught on fast, and within a short time, the original network of specially trained teachers grew into a vibrant international franchise operation.

Helen’s passion was, and still remains today, maximizing the learning capabilities of babies, young children and teens through producing the best programmes to encourage and enable success.

Helen Doron stands at the forefront of innovative educational systems. The company’s flagship franchise, Helen Doron English, along with Helen Doron Kindergarten, MathRiders, Ready-Steady-Move franchises today encompass 880 learning centres in over 35 countries in Europe, Asia and South America. Over two million children have benefited from Helen’s ongoing dedication to excellence in education.


The Original Helen Doron Method

Helen Doron Kindergarten teachers all understand the importance of positive reinforcement, learning made fun and building upon success. These are hallmarks of the Helen Doron Method recognized worldwide as leaders in English for children.

Positive Reinforcement:  Young children need positive feedback to let them know they are doing well; it makes them feel successful. This motivates them to continue. It also gives them an emotional basis for learning.

Creating a non-threatening, comfortable and pleasant environment is essential for keeping the child motivated and successful. The Helen Doron Kindergarten teacher praises and encourages every success, no matter how small. This positive reinforcement gives the child the security to try more, participate more and, ultimately, learn more. The child feels successful and thus is motivated, and that increased motivation leads to increased success. But it is the feeling of success that initially motivates the child. Children coming to Helen Doron Kindergarten receive positive feedback and encouragement; they feel more than just successful at the lessons — they feel on top of the world.

Make learning fun: Helen Doron Kindergartens create a pleasant and supportive environment. Learning with peers with songs and games is an essential ingredient. Classes involve games, songs and activities. Everything is bright, colourful, interesting, and fun. It looks and feels like play, rather than formal learning, and children respond enthusiastically. While these games and activities are great fun for the children, they are in reality very serious, well thought-out, carefully planned lessons, based on methodically designed materials.

Build on success: Our programmes are designed to produce enough incremental challenge to keep children motivated and stimulated, building from success to success. The courses are designed to support each other; a child reaches a level of success and competence at one level, and can move into the next, finding comfortable and familiar material on which to build. There is never the sense of being overwhelmed.

Programmes & Materials

All Helen Doron programmes are developed in-house under the direction of Helen Doron herself. The development teams consist of experts in linguistics, EFL (English as a foreign language) and early child development. Learning materials are enhanced with original stories, original songs and animated music clips. Unique props, applications and games composed and produced especially for Helen Doron Kindergartens correspond with content for Maths, Science, Art, Music and Movement and English.
Helen Doron Kindergarten materials remain at the forefront of programmatic excellence. Helen Doron certified teachers are considered the best in the industry – professional, motivated and innovative.