Art – Unleashing the Imagination

Through arts and crafts, Helen Doron Kindergarteners learn to express themselves and develop an appreciation for beauty in the world around them. Our programme trains children to view the whole and its parts, to distinguish between figure and background, and to compare past events and experiences to present reality. When children are given many opportunities for interesting experiences, observing natural phenomena, developing conversations, speculating, and asking questions, the groundwork is laid for true self expression.

The crafts and the variety of art materials supplied in the kindergarten are chosen carefully to promote the unique developmental needs of each age. The art activity and lessons represent the spirit of the kindergarten by introducing age appropriate themes to inspire the children’s work.  Spiral learning is applied by repeating the themes throughout the years at raising levels of difficulty and challenge.

Skill Building

Our Arts programme provides activities which allow children to explore and learn different skills. Through activities, children develop physical sensory-motor skills, emotional and cognitive development. Art enhances the child’s physical (sensory-motor) development. Children use and experience a variety of materials that provide different sensations. Fine motor skills are developed using a wide range of materials, craft accessories, and art tools. Eye-hand coordination prepares children for real-life tasks at school and home.

Emotional Development

Our arts programme nurtures the child’s emotional development. When a child produces art, there is no “right” or “wrong” – each work is “correct” because it expresses the experiences of the child, his thoughts, moods and emotions. In Helen Doron Kindergarten classes, a child’s artwork is always welcomed and acknowledged, thus creating a sense of confidence in his own abilities. Through the introduction of diverse, and sometimes new materials, children learn to face challenges.

Cognitive Development

Our Arts programme reinforces the child’s cognitive development. Through art, the teacher establishes basic concepts and expands the child’s vocabulary (long – short, wet – dry, soft – hard). The artistic process allows children to imitate and reconstruct life experiences, develop creative self-expression and imagination as well as invent and execute new ideas.