Children Effortlessly Learn English

Learn with the world leader. Helen Doron English is the number 1 learning system for teaching English to young children, renowned worldwide for providing children with a rich and rewarding English learning experience. Helen Doron English Kindergartens provide a stimulating, engaging and nurturing environment which help children learn English effortlessly.

What is the secret to the programme’s success? Our unique and successful methodology teaches English the same way that children learn their mother tongue. In-class activities are reinforced with original songs and stories that listened to at home as background sound. The sound and rhythm of the language are absorbed naturally while children are playing or eating or during daily activities.

Our innovative learning materials are developed by experienced English language experts and taught by specially trained teachers that offer loads of positive reinforcement so children are encouraged, feel good about themselves and want to learn more.

The Original Helen Doron Methodology

The younger the child, the easier it is to learn any number of languages. The secret is regular and systematic exposure to the language. In fact, the earlier the immersion in a second language, the better the grasp of grammar the child will have as an adult (Johnson and Newport 1989).

Our methodology is based on the understanding that the very young child’s brain has twice as many synapses (connections) in the brain as an adult. The young brain must use these connections or lose them. The Kindergarten years are an ideal time for a child to learn a second, or even third language. The brain’s plasticity, or ability to make new connections, is ripe and eager to learn.

While there is a biological readiness in the brain for language acquisition up to the age of 7, children, and teens also experience a broad range of benefits from learning English the Helen Doron way. Our methodology and materials ensure that all children can learn and succeed.

Helen Doron teaches English as a mother-tongue language using the immersion system—teaching a foreign language by its exclusive use in the classroom. Children learn English through a proven methodology, based on 30 years of successful language instruction.

Children are Motivated to Learn

The Helen Doron teaching method takes children’s unique learning styles into account. Games, movement, music and lots of fun maximise kids’ natural love of learning and tendency to absorb languages.

Highly experienced, specially trained teachers who are devoted to creating a nurturing and dynamic learning environment ensure that learning is enjoyable and effective.

Confident Children Through Positive Reinforcement

When your child said his first word, you showed your delight; this positive feedback encouraged your child to continue saying that word and go on to new words. With Helen Doron Method, Children learn English in the same manner as they do their native language—with lots of positive reinforcement. Helen Doron certified teachers provide this positive encouragement in the classroom. The feeling of success brings motivation, which in turn brings more success.


Helen Doron Kindergarteners love sharing books, reading and telling stories. These skills are the cornerstone to developing children’s vocabulary and literacy. Reading books fosters their curiosity, excites their imaginations, and helps them to better understand themselves and the world. Research shows that strong early reading skills in children yields higher intelligence and helps with overall general cognitive abilities.

Helen Doron, Linguistic scientist and educator, developed a unique methodology for teaching children English effortlessly.