Music Through 7 Languages – Multilingualism

The Helen Doron Kindergarten multilingual curriculum is a unique programme built upon a child’s natural way of learning a language, without the need for translation and offers unique songs and dances in six languages: English, French, Spanish, Mandarin, Turkish, German and Russian.

Our multilingual programme nurtures multiple areas of a child’s development and sets the stage for multi-sensory learning. Our curriculum is based on the well-established fact that the more languages children acquire early in their lives, the more stimulation their brain receives during those important formative years. And this brain stimulation is tremendous because of the complex nature of human language.

Children up to the age of 7 learn these songs in six or seven languages so easily and naturally because they are exposed to them in Helen Doron Kindergarten in a systematic and fun manner. As these language are so very different in their structure and sounds, the connectivity created in the child’s brain is enormous. And this connectivity will be there to expand the child’s potential with all he does throughout his life.


Multi-Music is a programme that encourages children to both sing and dance to songs in 7 languages while expanding their in-depth (encyclopaedic) knowledge of the world. The programme introduces language through visual, auditory and kinaesthetic activities. First, children learn a song and dance in one of the languages. They are then introduced to an interactive, narration of key words from the song by a native language speaker. They SEE how the word is spelled and HEAR proper pronunciation. Follow up games and activities using these key words reinforce learning.  All children are able to learn and enjoy learning because of the variety of techniques.

Children love learning language through fun activities including yoga, Pilates, song and dance.