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Young children are born learning and are eager to understand the world around them. Helen Doron Kindergarten maths offers a unique learning experience. Essential maths skills are practised regularly through children’s intuitive play: stacking blocks, sorting toys, beading, and comparing quantities are only a small part of it. Our maths programme harnesses this creative energy and which enables them to explore and understand number sense and operations, problem solving and data analysis

Developed by experts in child development and early childhood education, our maths programme encourages and inspires children to learn. Fun activities open up the world of maths and give children a basis for growing, learning and discovering.

Maths Comes to Life

The Helen Doron Kindergarten maths programme builds a solid maths foundation through play, movement and music. Through play, children can rehearse and refine their skills, practicing and researching what they are beginning to understand. Learning through play gives a child a sense of autonomy and promotes self-esteem.

The programme introduces fun and energizing activities that prepare a learner for thinking and develop coordination skills. One example of our unique, proprietary learning materials, MathBoards, fully engage each child in learning.  As the teacher introduces a MathBoard with a story, the children sit around the MathBoard, touch it and learning comes alive. They recreate scenes, enact stories and learn through play and games.

Maths for Ages 2-3

Eureka! Maths Young, is our play based programme, where children are encouraged to explore, and experience mathematical concepts through hands-on activities. The programme provides many opportunities for free and structured play which meets children’s varied needs and learning styles. Children learn:

  • To find the mathematics in every-day life
  • To explore and engage in activities which support the learning of mathematical concepts
  • To express themselves mathematically with self-confidence

Maths for Ages 3-4

Eureka! Maths Basic builds a solid foundation in maths through a step-by-step approach understanding that young children acquire spontaneous mathematical knowledge through everyday activities and play. The repetition of activities and ongoing practice builds confidence and deep understanding. To construct these solid foundations children learn five maths components:

  • To understand whole numbers represent quantity; counting, ordering and comparing as well as addition and subtraction
  • To identify, copy and create patterns and relations
  • To identify shapes and describe spatial relationships, reading maps, visualizing objects in space, and using geometry to solve problems
  • To measure and compare; understand the concepts of length, weight, temperature, capacity, time, and money
  • To use charts, tables, and graphs to organize, compare and interpret data

Maths for Ages 4-6

Eureka! Maths is an introduction to the wonderful and, at times, abstract world of mathematics. The course presents mathematics to the young child in a fun way that will improve the child’s mathematical reasoning.  All lessons introduce an age-appropriate range of maths concepts which allows children to explore, discuss, tackle, play with and understand numbers, quantities, shapes and patterns.

Children learn to:

  • Develop skills to foster mathematical thinking
  • Problem solve
  • Use concrete materials to form mathematical concepts
  • Consolidate knowledge and build on their innate ability for mathematics

Maths concepts come to life with original Helen Doron MathBoards. These fun teaching tools help children learn maths concepts such as sorting, patterning and counting through games and play. Learning maths through games and play is effortless!