Our Curriculum

The early years are vital to your child’s development; by selecting Helen Doron Kindergarten for your child you are choosing the best English language kindergarten available, based upon the exclusive, ground-breaking Helen Doron English methodology.  Based upon 30 years’ experience in English as a Second language education.  Helen Doron Kindergarten offers an enriching, reassuring and stimulating learning environment developed by the global leader in children’s English education. Helen Doron revolutionized teaching English as a foreign language to young children by developing a method that imitates the way in which babies learn their mother tongue. Our specially trained teachers provide a supportive and nurturing environment which encourages self-expression and creativity. Children learn English easily and naturally through unique learning materials, structured activities and play.

We encourage a lifelong love of learning, helping each child achieve reach their full potential. Through our programme, we instil values that encourage children to care about each other, the wider community, and the environment.  Positive interactions and role play help children develop sensitivity and compassion. With caring hearts, broad intellect, and deep understanding, our children can reach their fullest spiritual, physical, and mental potential in life, and are better equipped to help to create a better world.

Getting a Head Start

Learning is meant to be an adventure! English, maths, arts, language through fitness, multilingualism and science come alive through games, songs, stories and engaging activities developed by educational experts in child development and childhood education. The young child’s brain is primed to learn, our programme understands this critical stage of development and offers the highest forms of mental stimulation. Helen Doron Kindergartens believe that play not only makes learning fun, but is a developmentally appropriate learning method. In all of our classes, children are challenged to explore the world through play, learn to think creatively, test concepts, draw conclusions, and master new skills.

Self Expression Leads to Success

Professional, trained teachers teach self-expression through rich and stimulating activities which allow each child to explore new ways of understanding and sharing. As children learn to express themselves, they build self-esteem which is motivating and creates success.

Sample Daily Schedule - All-English Kindergarten

Sample schedules for one day in the week in a Helen Doron All-English Kindergarten. Activities vary by day.

daily sched-SoKo-lg-4

Sample Daily Schedule - English Enriched Kindergarten

Sample schedules for one day in the week in a Helen Doron English Enriched Kindergarten – Turkey. Activities vary by day

daily sched-Turkey-lg-3

Children love learning with the Helen Doron Kindergarten programme.