Helen Doron Kindergarten Teachers

World-class Teachers

Helen Doron teachers bring experience, commitment and passion that is second to none. We believe that they are vital in making our programmes the best international courses in early childhood education. Our kindergarten teachers are trained, early childhood education teachers with degrees from colleges and universities. Their knowledge of child development is enhanced by full training in the Helen Doron Kindergarten philosophy and methodology to enable your child to reach his full potential.

Our history of proven success gives us the experience.
Our high standards make our materials and teachers the best.
Our love and passion for children makes them the focus of what we do!

Kindergarten English Teachers

All English teachers within the Helen Doron Kindergarten classroom are University graduates from various English programmes. With this foundation in English education, Helen Doron Kindergarten enriches each teacher’s education with the Helen Doron Early English and Kindergarten programmes to become highly skilled professionals.

All Helen Doron teachers are enthusiastic learners as well as teachers.  Through staff meeting, seminars, and annual courses they maintain and enhance the level of their teaching to become the very best teachers in their field.

Quality and Service

The company is supported by an expert team—pedagogic research and development departments, business development specialists, marketing and sales professionals, graphic design and comprehensive IT logistics and operations support teams.

Helen Doron Educational Group puts quality and service first. All inquiries receive personal attention. We are also proud of the special relationships we have built with our franchisees and teachers.

"A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind and touches a heart"


The Helen Doron Kindergarten programme is based on research from around the world and developed by educational experts in pedagogy, leading experts in early childhood education and Helen Doron, linguistic scientist and pioneer of the Helen Doron method.  #(read more)


Helen Doron Kindergartens are spacious and aesthetically designed to invite learning, observation and exploration. The learning environment meets children’s developmental needs; they feel safe, comfortable and a part of their Kindergarten community. #(read more)


Helen Doron Kindergarten teachers are certified according to local laws and regulations. They must successfully complete a comprehensive training course and participate in regular in-service workshops where they are trained to use our proprietary learning materials. #(read more)


Helen Doron Kindergartens offer a warm, supportive and caring environment all students feel safe and secure enough to take risks and express their understanding and needs. #(read more)


All Helen Doron Kindergartens comply with international and early childhood education standards and local regulations for meeting the highest safety procedures and regulations. #(read more)

Proper nutrition is key in establishing the building blocks children need in order to thrive and is a vital part of our holistic approach to education. Eating well helps children develop strong bodies and healthy attitudes. #(read more)

Helen Doron teachers join an elite cadre, trained in the unique Helen Doron Method for teaching English.