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Helen Doron Kindergartens

Children love learning at Helen Doron Kindergartens.
Our world-renowned, proven methodology and original learning materials make learning exciting.
Each day is an adventure filled with stimulating, enriching activities.

Building a Child’s Foundation of Excellence

Each Helen Doron Kindergarten student acquires the skill
she or she needs for a successful start and a lifetime of achievement.
Children in Helen Doron kindergartens speak excellent English and have the basis for
multilingualism-and all through a multitude of songs, games and fun learning.

The Most Effective Way to Learn English

Marc Philippe, Managing Director for Helen Doron Erken Yasta, Turkey describes why the Helen Doron Method  is the most effective method for teaching children how to speak English.

Marc Philippe explains the key elements to this successful methodology: repeated background hearing, positive reinforcement, learning made fun, and small group learning.


Creating an Ideal Learning Environment

Your child deserves a successful start on the road to joy,
intellectual development, social integration, physical development, and a lifetime of achievement.

Fulfilling Your Child’s Potential

Physical Skills

In Helen Doron Kindergartens, children discover their skills and abilities. Your child’s health and wellbeing is enhanced through healthy, delicious eating. Optimal nutrition boosts learning as well as energy.

Social and Emotional Skills

How your child starts to understand who she is and what she is feeling is at the heart of social-emotional wellness. Children’s social-emotional development influences all other areas of development.

Cognitive Skills

Helen Doron Kindergartens understands that young children are inquisitive learners.  With a play-based, hands-on learning environment and curriculum, our teachers encourage children to explore their curiosity, creativity and initiative.

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