A Learning Environment of Excellence

Start Ahead, Stay Ahead

Every child is unique and reaches developmental milestones (the functional skills and tasks for each age and stage) at his or her own individual pace. All our activities feature a variety of learning styles and skill levels to help each child grow and reach his potential.

The Helen Doron Approach to Developmental Stages:


Cognitive milestones measure thinking skills:  including learning, understanding, problem-solving, reasoning, and remembering. Young children are inquisitive learners.  Our play-based, hands-on learning environment and curriculum encourages creativity and allows children to satisfy their curiosity and take initiative. We introduce the children to various topics and experiences which enable them to practice reasoning and problem solving skills and to become more complex thinkers.


Social – Emotional milestones encompass children’s interactions with others and how they relate to family, friends, and teachers. Helen Doron Kindergartens provide a reassuring environment to interact harmoniously with others, develop communication skills, and build relationships.

The kindergarten is a mini-society where children learn about boundaries. They are developing an understanding of the world. Understanding the rules can be challenging. During the course of the day, through positive reinforcement, our staff supports the children while they learn about themselves and their abilities.


Physical milestones evaluate how children use their muscles: large muscles to sit, stand, walk, and run— small muscles to eat, draw, and play.

Early childhood is all about physical changes! In Helen Doron Kindergartens, children discover and develop their skills and abilities. We put a great emphasis on nutrition, believing that good health and nourishment boosts learning as well as energy.

Helen Doron Kindergarten students learn English easily in an ideal learning environment.