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Your Career Success with Helen Doron Kindergartens

Helen Doron Kindergarten teachers are special. Their training, background and experience are an essential piece of the Kindegartens’ success. Helen Doron Kindergarten teachers receive intensive training in the proven method for teaching English to children. Once qualified, they join a worldwide network of elite Helen Doron English teachers dedicated to making a positive difference in the education of their pupils.

Our Teachers and Teaching Materials promote 4 core goals:

  • Leveraging children’s natural ability to learn
  • Producing and using  materials that are stimulating, musical and fun
  • Encouraging creativity, imagination and expression
  • Boosting self-confidence, self-reliance and self-esteem

Educational Excellence

Our teachers are the heart of Helen Doron Kindergarten.  In addition to the Early Childhood Education diplomas you will need to teach children, Helen Doron Kindergarten teachers remain leaders in their field. With multiple trainings in the Helen Doron methodology there are also seminars, webinars and annual meetings which uphold and maintain the highest standards.

We are very proud of our teachers. Their daily interaction with students brings to life the unique Helen Doron Method for learning English as a second language (ESL). Our teachers bring to the lessons fun, creativity, and a love of learning that kids so naturally relate to. With their guidance, learning English becomes a delightful experience that not only serves them well throughout their lives, but also provides fond memories to cherish forever.

Founder Helen Doron Explains the Successful Method

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